Understanding Myself

One nice thing about the military is that it encourages learning. And not learning on our DLN (Defense Learning Network) – if it’s required for your job or everyone is required to do it, it doesn’t count. Something like an advanced Excel course would count – it’s something I use in my job, but we don’t get training in. Taking a course in it would count towards “extracurricular learning”

But I have no real interest in Excel. If I want to do something specific, I’ll ask my husband or Google it.

A while ago, I purchased an online course – actually, I’ve purchased many courses, have just never gotten around to completing them – but this one in particular, I’ve contemplated starting many times. I actually had started it – but forgot I needed (or wanted) to print the course manual.

I decided to actually start and I wish I hadn’t waited.

NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming

I chose this program because of my interest in becoming a life coach – and understanding myself better. However, at this point (I’m about 35% done) I can see the benefits of this at work! Anyone who deals with people – especially if you have subordinates – could benefit!

It deals with building rapport – how do you expect your subordinates to open up to you if they don’t trust you? It covers body language, communication skills, effective questioning, challenging your view of the world, etc.

However, the most interesting thing so far with the course was this last chapter I just finished talking about core values. And do you know what I discovered?

I am not living my life in accordance to my core values.

For instance, I value health above all else. Why health and not, say, family/relationships? Or financial freedom/stability? Or travel/fun? Because mental health means I can handle my work which lends to financial stability. Because emotional health means I can show up for my loved ones and friends. Because physical health means I can do everything I want to do around travel, fun, and creating memories. So, yes, I value health above all else.

But I have not been living my life in accordance to this core value. Yes, I’ve been working on my mental health a lot as I was somewhat forced into working on it due to my “breakdown” back in Nov/Dec 2021, but as for my physical health and emotional health, I’ve been struggling with that.

With my physical health, I feel so disconnected from my body. I’m getting older and feel like the warranty has expired. I hurt myself sleeping – swear to gawd, I’ve pulled something in my lower back and dislocated a rib from the time I went to bed last night to the time I got up this morning. I’ve been in pain all day. Then there’s my knees. Plus I have high blood pressure (though that has corrected with medication), my weight is higher than I’d like, and I have an increased cerebral spinal fluid pressure. I feel like my body is betraying me and I don’t know how to get back in sync.

With my emotional health, though I’m….. okay…. with expressing myself, but I know I need to work on it.

This is a huge eye-opener for me. I knew I had been feeling disconnected but I couldn’t tell you why or how to fix it! At least now I know the why… now all I have to do is figure out the how to fix!

The next chapter is “goals” so I’m hoping it will have some insights on goal setting – as well as chapters further on.

If you look at NLP – especially the Wikipedia definition – it doesn’t paint a great picture of it, calling it a pseudoscience with little to no benefit. But you need to make that decision yourself. Everything I’ve learned so far is extremely beneficial! Even if it’s just for myself! Even if it’s just for applying what I’ve learned to dealing with subordinates at work.

This course has been amazing so far!

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