The Most Terrifying Moment of my Life

Friday, early evening, we experienced the most terrifying moment of my life when a tornado hit our community.

We were at home relaxing and we got a severe weather warning. Honestly, this isn’t new. We’ve had warnings like this before. And, yes, bad weather has come with those warnings, but nothing like this.

We noticed the wind started picking up. And the rain started. The power went out. I grabbed my phone to take video from the kitchen window.

And I watched the whole forest come down.

I ran for the basement, screaming for my husband to go downstairs. I was hyperventillating. He kept telling me to breathe and finally let me go downstairs with our one cat.

Peeves, bless him, actually ran to us and came when called. As I went to go down stairs, I picked him up and let me hold him as I descended the stairs. He’s not one that enjoys being held, but he didn’t fuss at all and in this instance, he seemed to prefer to be in my arms.

In 5 minutes, it was over, but the devastation is indescribable.

The amazing thing? We weren’t even supposed to be home.

We had made plans to go visit friends that day in the afternoon. That morning, it was beautiful. My husband went for a bike ride and I went into the back yard to relax in my hammock and read.

I’m reading a book called “Your Inner GPS” and it talks about your inner guidance system and how everything will give you an opening or closing sensation.

As we were heading to our friends, I was having a LOT of anxiety. I thought it was because we had been in a car accident the week before and we were traveling the same road. I thought it was the amount of traffic on the road and how busy and hectic everything was. No matter how I looked at it, I did not want to be out, I wanted to be home.

So I sent our friends a message and canceled.

Little did I know, had we been at their place when the storm hit, we would have been stuck there as they live down a wooded road and there were many trees down, preventing any movement along the single access road. And even if we had left prior to the storm hitting, we probably would have been on the road and my husband would have likely been on his motorcycle.

Either way, we were in the best possible place.

When the storm moved on and the skies cleared, we went for a walk, the devastation is indescribable.

We were blessed and were unscathed but many weren’t as lucky. But it was this that brought me to tears. A tiny birds nest and its little blue eggs scattered across the grass. I did place the one in the nest, the second had been crushed as I picked it up, crushing it further. And I cried. I cried for all the animals and birds caught outside in the violence. I cried for the beautiful trees behind our place that were now virtually leveled.

After a couple hours, I decided I had to go back to the little bird nest. I collected the eggs and my husband climbed a tree to place them someplace safe. I know they’re not viable. I know that’s not the tree they were from. I know the mother bird is gone. But placing them someplace safe and saying a little prayer brings a little peace to my heart in such a violent experience.

It’s been 24 hours and no power – and likely will be a couple days yet. SO many people without power. 177K+ in Ottawa alone, not including Gatineau. We went for a drive and gas stations are running out of gas. Traffic lights are out everywhere.

I have never experienced anything like this and I hope to never again.

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