Benefits of Alcohol

The big question is… are there actually benefits to alcohol?

Of course there are – but just like anything, it has to do with moderation. Even healthy things can be bad for you in excess.

1130 days ago – on 7 Sept 2018 – I decided to stop drinking. I had been sexually assaulted 3 times in the same number of years and alcohol was the common denominator. I identified that I was using alcohol as a coping mechanism and would often mix OTC drugs to ensure I would get a good sleep – I should be lucky it didn’t do more harm!

However, over the past few weeks, as I was in Halifax, I had been thinking about drinking again. Not because of the course content and wanting alcohol to help relax – though that was very tempting – but opening a bottle of wine while cooking dinner with hubby. Or special occassions. Whatever!

So after hubby picked me up at the airport and we relaxed at home a bit, we wnt grocery shopping – it was Thanksgiving weekend, after all, and hubby was going to go to the liquor store that was next door and I suggested he pick up a couple bottles of wine as well. The confused look on his face was priceless.

So I am drinking again, but am going to try to keep it in moderation and recognize any hard emotions I might be trying to avoid when I decide to consume alcohol. And I will avoid drinking in certain situations (aka, military events)

So we are currently at our BFFs cottage. They’re joining us tomorrow for the weekend but we like to come up a couple days early for some R&R. We brought some wine and last night, as we were about half way through the bottle, the power went out. My husband was like “Oh, shit, now we have to have an actual conversation”

It’s not that we don’t talk, but we have gotten out of the habit of the deep meaningful conversations that are SO important to have. They are often hard and emotional to have – and a lot easier to have when alcohol is involved. We’re not drunk or anything – but sometimes alcohol makes us braver to say things that may otherwise not be said.

Like I hadn’t told my husband I had submitted a sexual misconduct claim in the class action lawsuit. I told him last night. He told me he was concerned about my weight and health in general – and he is the ONLY person who has any right to say anything and the only person I accept it from.

Now, I am certain we would have had those conversations without the alcohol, but it was SO much easier to have them with a little lubrication

Yes, alcohol can be problematic to so many people – myself included – but in a path of healing, you may get to a point where you can allow it back in your life. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something that you’re not ready for. You’ll know when you’re ready.

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