Been Forever

Wow…. 1 March was the last time I wrote a blog post. So what’s happened since then?

13 Feb – 11 May ~ husband was away doing his trades training. Though we were close enough to visit, due to covid, we couldn’t. I was mostly okay with that except our 25th wedding anniversary was during this time. They had a covid scare 5 days before the end of course which the entire class was put in quarantine – if it came back positive, it would mean 2 weeks quarantine. Thankfully it came back negative and instructors came in on the weekend to make sure they could finish on time.

During this time, I was not taking care of my self or my environment.  I exercised as a form of stress relief. I only ate healthy at breakfast and lunch but dinner I frequently had popcorn or I ordered in. I forgot how much I hate cooking for one.

I used shopping as a coping mechanism  – waiting for a delivery gave me something to look forward to.

I had a list of things I wanted to do while I was alone… I accomplished very little on the list.

Work was extremely stressful – fiscal year end during this time. Thankfully my supervisor recognized that I was super stressed so worked on removing the work that shouldn’t be mine and have the clerks in the other orderly room we share the building with do it. It would just be for a couple months until we get a clerk of our own but someone at a higher rank decided no – that we weren’t allowed to have the other clerks help us. My supervisor asked if I would be able to handle it and initially I responded with “do I have a choice” and she said yes. So I said no. I can’t handle it. I have been asking for assistance since September and no one has done anything. Plus I got slapped with the distance learning portion of my PLQ course – so no. If they want me to pass my PLQ, I can’t take on more work. I barely get through MY work let alone stuff that’s not my responsibility! They should just be lucky I was trained as both and CAN do both – even if I shouldn’t!

PLQ is Primary Leadership Qualifications. Everyone who reaches the Master Sailor/ Master Corporal rank is required to take the course as it prepares the person to be in a position with subordinates. It’s to be done within 2 years of promotion – I’m approaching the 1 year mark. There is a 9 week online course followed by a 6 week in-person residential portion.

I discovered that I was loaded onto the distance learning without being notified – 3 weeks after it started… so, yeah, I don’t have time to do work that isn’t mine.

Because of the upcoming training, I have also decided to take a hiatus from my vegan diet. Military messes (especially eating in the field) sucks. Regular food is sub-par and when I’ve mentioned I’m vegan, their response has been “we have vegetarian options” like they’re the same thing. It’s simply easier to change my diet. I did it now to allow my body time to adjust- and the first week was horrible!

We’re also in another lockdown due to covid- I think for the last 6-7 weeks – so I work from home every other day. The afternoons I work on my PLQ course – so the days I’m in the office, I leave at noon and work on the course at home. Days that I work from home, I work on my PLQ once my work is done but I keep my email open – but once it hits noon, email gets shut so I can focus.

I’ve had my first dose of the covid vaccine and get my second this week. I reacted very poorly to it and considering they say the reaction to the second dose is often worse than the first, I’m NOT looking forward to it.

Despite the stress, I’ve tried to get outside and enjoy the turning of the season. The fresh air and peaceful settings have been rejuvenating. Despite gaining 10-15 lbs the past 3 months (I’ve already lost 3 lbs since hubby got home) I’ve done some modeling and accepted to be an Ambassador for a fitness clothing company, Vitae Apparel. This has helped with motivation for getting active. I have also completed 2 Conquor Challenge fitness challenges and just started my third.

All-in-all the last few months have sucked. The suckiness won’t last so I’m just trying to get by until things settle down.

Because nothing lasts forever.

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