Normalize Normal Bodies

I saw a post on IG the other day that really opened my eyes. It was from one of the plus size curvy influencers and she was more or less complaining about other influencers of more normal and socially acceptable sizes. You know the ones she means; the ones who complain about their bloat belly. The ones who show how the “fitspo” gals get the desired “curves for the gram” when they themselves are skinny. The ones that say “everyone has rolls when they sit” but when they get up, they have nice flat stomachs.

When you make those posts you’re fighting the same things I’m fighting when I just exist online. When you go against beauty standards by relaxing in a photo you are feeling what I feel when I post an ordinary photo. There is a reason for the rolls, the relaxed, the unposed. You are mimicking something beauty standards hate – my body.

Fullerfigurefullerbust on IG

The general premise of her post was talking about how these gals can suck in, contort, and pose their way to IG desirable pics while her and many other fat girls can’t suck in and pose their way to a slimmer body; they are fat at every angle.

Now, she wasn’t saying that they don’t deserve to be a part of the body positive community but they need to recognize that they are still privileged and they should advocate for those who are marginalized… the ones the community was originally created for.

Even myself, despite being overweight, I am still privileged; I am cis white, abled body and my weight, though slows me down, doesn’t prevent me from doing things.

I saw another body positive influencer start a new hashtag/trend #normalizenormalbodies which, honestly? Is brilliant because, let’s face it, you don’t see a lot of “normal” bodies because a very small percentage has dominated the fashion/beauty industry and with apps like “Face Tune” and “Body Tune”, it’s easy to “fix” areas of your body you don’t like.

Edited: bigger bustline, smaller waist, taller.

So what are “normal” bodies?

  • Normal bodies have cellulite
  • Normal bodies have stretch marks
  • Normal bodies have hair
  • Normal bodies have skin issues
  • Normal bodies have weight fluctuations
  • Normal bodies go through seasons
  • Normal bodies have acne
  • Normal bodies age

When I do modeling, I have a specific request for zero editing… or at least minimal. The only time I am okay with editing (other than general lighting) is if it’s not actually a part of my body; cellulite, moles, stretch marks, and rolls are to be left alone.

It’s only come back and bit me once during my last photoshoot. There was one picture I couldn’t help but think how old and tired I looked! I decided to use that photo to show how easy it is to edit into a more youthful image.

Guess what? I AM old, lol! I’m mid 40 and though many people believe that I’m younger, lighting can influence how you look. Of all the photos, that was the only one that I actually didn’t like and ONLY because of how old I look. The rest of the photos that day I love!

Youth doesn’t last forever and I, for one, am not going to fight it. I’m not going to ignore it, I’m not going to hide; I’m going to honor this new season.

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