Don’t Believe Everything You See

Hubby and I had a wonderful vacation the other week. We decided that we had to get away from everything that was going on and went to a little island in the Caribbean. We had beautiful weather the whole time and because of everything going on, we had the resort almost to ourselves!

Do you believe me? Well, if you read my blog or follow me on social media, you know the only place we went in the last couple weeks was Perth, Ontario.

All in all, doing the edit was easy and took, maybe 30 minutes each. It probably took longer finding an appropriate background than it did to do the actual edit.

It goes to show how easy it is to create something false – imagine how easy it would be to create something really believable with software that isn’t on your phone!

Don’t believe everything you see.

At the moment, with everything going on around BLM, there’s more and more videos going up showing perceived violence against black people. Notice how I say “perceived”?

One video, a black man was getting arrested in a Walmart for “no apparent reason”. He kept shouting about the bike he was buying for his son – he had paid for it and had a receipt. What you don’t see is his behavior prior to the arrest – riding the bike up and down the aisles, shouting at other customers, almost hitting them on the bike. He had been asked to leave which he didn’t when asked so they called the police – and I believe the manager who called the police was also black.

There was another video of a white woman brandishing a handgun at a black woman (I believe as it was from her point of view) What you don’t see is that the black woman/people filming her were the aggressors and the white woman feared for her safety and was trying to get them away from the vehicle so they could get away and leave. Now I don’t believe that was the right way about it, but in the moment of fear, I can understand why she might use a show of force.

And another video was a group of police officers very roughly arresting a black man who was wheelchair bound. That one was hard to watch as they literally ripped him from his chair and broke it. It was taking a lot of them to get him restrained. I watched it and was furious. Then I saw the back story – assaulting a police officer, loaded rifle in his bag. HOWEVER, I DO believe that the police could have handled it differently.

I’m not saying not to be furious at everything that is going on against black lives, but I am asking you to not believe everything you see at face value.

YES, things need to change. YES, police brutality has to stop. YES, they need to be held accountable for injustices.

But we NEED to start examining the whole story instead of the parts that are cherry picked and edited to create outrage which seems to be happening more and more.


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