Righteous Anger is Pointless

So I saw an photo write up on FB the other day and though the photo was disturbing, it’s no different from dozens and dozens of photos and videos of other animals in similar and more horrendous conditions. This particular photo was of a mink farm and the mink were used for fake eyelashes.

Now, obviously, every single one of the comments were of disgust and outrage, but the righteous anger was almost nauseating. They don’t know because they don’t want to know. “Fake eyelashes” doesn’t mean they’re synthetic materials – “fake eyelashes” refer to you putting eyelashes that are not your own to make it look like you have more eyelashes than you actually have. You still have to look at the material content. I have a latex allergy and most lash glue is latex based, so I never got into them.

I wanted to comment on there so bad, but it was a fight I didn’t want to have, but the commenters really left a bad taste in my mouth. I wanted to ask how many were vegan because if they weren’t, then they only care about cute animals or animals we (as a western society) view as pets and not animals in general. Have you seen videos and photos of commercial animal farming? It’s deplorable and disgusting!

Where do you think milk comes from? A pregnant or new mom who’s had her calf ripped away from her. Animals lactate so their offspring have the essential nutrients to grow – and instead, they’re forced to get pregnant over and over again, never allowed to bond with their calves. If a female calf is born, guess where she ends up? Right there beside all the other female cows being impregnated repeatedly. And if a male calf is born? Killed. A male cow isn’t of any use and is only another mouth to feed – there’s no money to be made off him.

Pigs aren’t much better. Their entire life is in a box barely big enough to move.

Chickens? Layers are in cages stacked several high. They have to stand on the wire floor and when they poop, thanks to gravity, that bottom chicken is living in the muck from the chickens above them. Chickens raised for their meat are in overcrowded situations and fed a concoction that makes them gain more weight than they should – their legs often unable to support their weight. When it comes time to “harvest”, if they’re lucky, their necks are broken before, but they’re hung up by their feet and dipped in vats of boiling water to remove their feathers.

I’ve watched undercover footage of a fire farm where the animals were literally skinned alive – thrown in a pile of bloody carcasses to take their last breath. I was left sobbing at the sight.

So, yeah, all you people with your righteous anger, where are you when it comes to farm animals stuck in commercial farming? You’re there in an uproar about the dog meat market in Asia. You’re there for puppy mills. You’re there for circus animals. But where are you for the cows and chickens?

Now, I’m not naive. I know that not a single person reading this is going to be “yup! You’re right! I’m going to go vegan!” . All I ask is educate yourself as to where you get your animal products. They can be procured ethically and the best way to do this is by supporting your local farms. And the other thing you can do is start reducing the amount of animal products you consume. Many people participate in “meatless Mondays”. If demand is low, less animals will be subjected to cruel treatment.

I know it can be difficult- especially if you don’t have the financial or demographic means to get things from the source but even if you’re unable to adopt a meatless diet, that shouldn’t stop you from supporting organizations that are trying to stop animal cruelty.

Because righteous anger is pointless if there’s no action.

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