My Life is a Mess

Beautiful insight into my husband’s mind – which, to me, is beautiful!

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My life is not working out how I wanted.

At the beginning of the year, when I was half way to 48 years old, I went to basic training for the military. Not only was I older than all of the other recruits, I was older than most of the training staff. Not what I had planned 10 years ago. 10 years ago I was a brand new journeyman cabinetmaker, and very hopeful. My bosses were were less than generous and the resulting pay was far less than I’d hoped, and (for some reason) far less than others with my qualifications made. 12 years of struggle, off and on depression, and 10 jobs later, and I finally quit the industry and moved on to the military. Now, we have to learn to live off about 2/3 of what I made as a cabinetmaker.

At 48 years old, I’m starting a…

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