Sometimes You Need to Recharge

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been feeling really exhausted; not just physically but on a deeper level. emotionally and mentally. Things have been getting harder and harder to do and the things I “have” to do I’ve had to force myself.

I’m certain I’m not the only one. I’ve now been off work/working from home for over 4 months and there’s just talk about getting back to work part time. We’re not an essential service so it hasn’t been as important getting our office open – we have virtually no contact with the public so I think they’ve been keeping us at home as long as possible. My new job starts in 10 days and this week I’ll be going into the office 3 days – my old office to do the hand-over with my replacement, my new office for my hand-over, then to my old office to return my laptop at the end of the week… so this upcoming week won’t be bad and my new office, I believe, is back in the office full-time. But 4 months of self-isolation has been challenging. My husband and I, in all reality, have been lucky. We’re home bodies for the most part, so things haven’t been too different, but even then, after a while, things get harder, and unfortunately it happened so slowly that I didn’t even realize it until I was unbelievably exhausted!

I know they say that “a change is as good as a break” which I’m hoping for the new office, but I also wanted to get away; away from the house, away from the neighborhood, away from the city. I ended up seeing a photo of Perth, Ontario – which is fairly close to us – and it looked beautiful! I fully admit that I was “label shopping” as my husband puts it when he’s buying beer. The city may have only had that one nice view, but I didn’t really care. It wasn’t where we were. So we hopped in the car and went for a nice drive and it ended up being such a cute, charming little city! We found a restaurant and we sat by the water as we had lunch, then wandered the main street and shops, enjoying the old architecture, sunny skies, and quaint atmosphere. We both want to go back and spend a weekend there. It was so nice.

And you know what? I had a great day and felt recharged. I wanted to blog again, less fighting with myself to get my workout in, eating better, and just a renewed gusto. Getting away was exactly what I needed and we decided we need to do that more often. It doesn’t even need to be a new town – Ottawa is quite large and there’s lots of little pockets of cute communities we haven’t explored despite being here for 2 years now!

I didn’t realize how challenging being home all the time was – I’ve pretty much been working non-stop since I was 16 years old with only a 6 month window when I was self-employed but I was still working. Other than that, I’ve always worked. I now see how hard retirement can be for people! But now I have some understanding and can be better prepared.

What have you done to remain sane during the lockdown?

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