Please Cancel My Membership

The last time I was at work was 11 Mar 2020. The last time I went to the gym or yoga class was before then.

The gym will be opening on Friday (17 July) and yoga classes resume 20 July.

I cancelled my yoga membership already, mostly because as of 4 August, I’m no longer working downtown and no easy access to the yoga studio. It’s simply too expensive to only go once or twice a week.

As for the gym memberships… we’re also going to cancel them and I have to wonder how many others will also be canceling their memberships.

We’ve been lucky as, being a personal trainer prior to joining the military, I still had a fair amount of equipment. We only sold one of the two spin bikes, the lat pulldown machine, plates and barbell, and the good gym quality flooring. The flooring is the only one I regret. And the only reason we got rid of the lat machine was because it wouldn’t fit downstairs to the basement. Otherwise we kept it. Moving into military housing, we had a full basement so had the space, and when we got posted, we don’t have to move it, so who cares?

The first couple of weeks of isolation, I ran – though I WAS sick the first week. But once my hubby got out of isolation and was allowed to come home, we started organizing the basement so we could use the space. Initially we were just running and once the weather was consistently nicer, I was riding my bike, but by then it was obvious that the lockdown was going to last longer than we originally expected.

So we got flooring. We got bands. We purged the basement and organized the space. We have dumbbells that go to over 100 lbs so we’re set. I did a yoga challenge. And I signed up for the fitness challenge – about 3 weeks left to that. We’ve been biking and going for walks. It’s been really nice.

The last couple of months have shown me – US – that we don’t need a gym to get a good workout. Of course there will be some pieces of equipment we’ll miss, but nothing that warrants the expense of the membership. My new office has access to a gym – for free.

Even my BFF who has a gym membership and pays for a Personal Trainer has been getting better results at home. She’s keeping her membership because she’s not set up like us but I have a feeling she’s not going to keep up the PT sessions!

I have to wonder how many other people who were in this position will also be canceling their memberships. We have no reason to keep them – not for the sake of a couple pieces of equipment. We didn’t develop any friendships there – a couple of regulars we’d say hello to, but that’s it.

So what did you do over the lockdown? Did you invest in fitness equipment? Dust off existing equipment? Or embrace the “lockdown 20”?

Whatever you did – or didn’t do – THAT’S OKAY!!! If you gained weight, that’s okay! Who would have expected we’d be living through a pandemic!? Diet culture is what makes you believe that gaining weight during this unprecedented time is bad. I call it surviving!


  1. I go for walks. Planning to climb more stairs. And use the elastic stretch band more. I have been using free weights at home. I don’t have great big weights. But, a kettlebell is available.

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