You Can’t Force Me to Wear a Mask

The other day I heard of a woman who went into a hospital for treatment – she thought she had a broken finger – and she went in without a mask. The nurse instructed her that she was required to wear a mask (which they had there for her) and she refused – so they refused her medical care. She then got out her phone, turned on the video recorder and asked them “So you’re going to refuse me medical care because I refuse to wear a mask?” to which the nurse responded with “Yes”. From there she posted it on FB (I believe) obviously looking for support in this outrageous atrocity! Unfortunately for her, the internet responded with a resounding “you’re a dumb-ass” – yes, I paraphrased.

I also saw a video in the US at a Costco. A woman wanted to enter but she refused to put on a mask so they barred her entry. She refused to leave and sat down on the ground. A 3 year old having a temper tantrum is bad enough, but a 77 year old? They tried to help her, they were polite, but she was being so dramatic and unrealistic. EVERYONE else was wearing a mask . Her argument? It’s her constitutional right to refuse wearing a mask. Well, guess what? A store is Private property and they can refuse you service, ban you and call the Police if required. I don’t know how this situation ended because I could only handle so much idiocy!

So here’s the thing… the reality where I live, masks are mandatory. Period. On public transit, in coffee shops while ordering, grocery stores, stores in general, hospitals, and outside where social distancing can’t happen to name a few. If you go into these establishments without a mask, you could be asked to leave and denied service. Spas are open for services that aren’t about the face. When we were getting our pedicure the other week, everyone was wearing face masks.

And yet, people still don’t comply for stupid reasons: political ideology, masks aren’t effective, personal rights, political conspiracy, how are you supposed to build up natural antibodies?, breathing in CO2 not oxygen…

It doesn’t matter what you think about the whole covid thing – you have to do what they suggest. You have to self isolate. You have to limit your circle of contact. You have to practice social distancing. And you have to wear a mask!!! Honestly? I hate wearing a mask but I do it – and I was doing it long before it became mandatory in Ottawa because it’s the right thing to do. I don’t do it to protect myself, but I do it to protect others.

Here’s the thing – you could have it and not know. You might be asymptomatic. You might just have mild symptoms and brush it off as allergies. You may pass the virus to someone who has a compromised immune system or to someone who has regular contact with someone who has a compromised immune system – you just don’t know. Yes, I know there was conflicting information as to whether masks are effective and I believe because of that, people have decided that masks are ineffective, so I’d like to share this analogy:

So to put it into context of wearing a mask: if everyone is going about their business without masks, chances are, there will be widespread infection. If you come in contact with an infectious person but you’re wearing a mask, the mask will help prevent you from getting infected – not a guarantee, but certainly a better chance to stay healthy. If you’re both wearing a mask, the infectious person’s mask will help stop the spread but your mask will additionally stop the spread.

And this is where people are getting, honestly, selfish. “If a mask doesn’t prevent me from getting sick, then why should I wear one?”. Guess what? It’s not about you, it’s about people you come in contact with. “Well, I’m not sick, so why should I wear one?”. Again, not about you. You could, in fact, be sick and not be showing symptoms. And just because you got tested and it came back negative doesn’t mean you haven’t gotten it since.

This is where I’ve gotten extremely frustrated in Ottawa. As soon as the city started opening up again, people stopped wearing masks. Just because they’re starting to open the economy doesn’t mean it’s safe! I got really frustrated when I found out that they closed a local beach that’s really close to us because people weren’t practicing distancing on Canada Day! It really showed how selfish people are. Because a bunch of idiots couldn’t follow the rules, they’ve shut down the beach so now NOBODY can enjoy it!!!

No matter what you think; no matter how you feel about wearing masks, just put one on!

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