Hollywood = Harm

The other day I saw an “ad” that was about celebrities and their “astonishing weight loss” before and afters. The ad featured a photo of Amy Schumer. Now if you don’t know the name, she was the lead in “I Feel Pretty”. I loved her in it – and I thought she looked great in the movie – so I had to wonder what she looked like now. Her “after”.

Unfortunately I had to scroll through a few dozen people before getting to Amy. There were celebrities, actors, actresses, musicians, sports stars, directors, models, male, female, every ethnic group. No one was immune.

Most people looked good before and after. Some people looked amazing. Some looked very similar, others very different. Some looked sick. A large number of women had just had babies.

As I scrolled through person after person, something caught my eye and I went back and was absolutely disgusted by what was written:

Absolutely disgusting!!!!

And people wonder why there’s so much body dysmorphia, and eating disorders in children younger and younger. Why the diet industry is a multi billion dollar market.

WHO FUCKING CARES???!! I care more about the music or movies the artist puts out.

And what about Amy? When I finally got to her “before and after”, it was about her post baby weight that she “doesn’t seem to be in a rush to lose”.

GOOD FOR HER!!!! She is more worried about spending time with her baby and husband than losing weight because it DOESN’T MATTER!!!!

Hollywood and media is the one that puts the pressure on women. They expect women to maintain their looks over decades no matter what happens to them!

And it’s not just women, it’s men, too! They’re expected to maintain a He-man, underwear model physique – but at least grey hair makes a man “dignified” whereas women have to live by an unspoken rule that they can’t get grey hair or wrinkles unless they’re in their 70s.

This is utter bullshit.

Women (and men) should only change how they look – either their body, clothing, hair… WHATEVER, unless they want to. Not to please, impress, or comply to an unwritten expectation of society or Hollywood.

Yes, I want to lose weight, but it’s certainly not to “fit in” – because I never will – and I would never want to! The beautiful thing about the human race is the diversity of body shapes and skin colors and hair textures. Why would anyone want to fit in when we CAN’T??! We’re not meant to! All we can do is to be the best possible version of ourselves in the current environment. Are you pregnant? Just have a baby? Going through menopause? Or peri-menopause? Have you been sick? Or recovering injury? Or working through a family tragedy? Overcoming drug or alcohol abuse? Stopped smoking? Get a new job? Lose your job? Moving? Married?

There should be absolutely NO expectation to remain the same through all of life’s ups and down’s. Life can be hard and sometimes, something has to give – and if that thing that gives is your physical appearance, then so be it! Once life settles down, then address other areas of your life. Been there, done that! But if you do want to take back your physical body, do it for you and ONLY you, reassess frequently and make sure you can live with your lifestyle.

You are born to do more than count calories, exercise, and be a slave to the scale.

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