Find Your Strength

Strength comes in many forms. Most probably think of strength of body where you can lift heavy things.

But what about mental strength? Emotional strength? Strength of character? Strength of will? Strength of leadership? Strength of bonds? Strength of fortitude?

Saturday night I was struck with food poisoning. I was up all night – literally all night. It was miserable. Sunday was a complete write off. I could only stay up for an hour at a time before needing a nap. Going from upstairs to downstairs was exhausting. I hurt all over. I didn’t trust eating anything and I probably only ate 300 calories all from fruit. Sunday night I went to bed at about 730 PM to get up about 730 AM Monday morning. I slept soundly from sheer exhaustion.

Monday morning all I wanted to do was stay in bed but I was hungry and completely dehydrated. Being hungry was a big deal as the previous day the thought of food made me sick to my stomach!

After breakfast, I wanted to get my workout done, but when I saw it was a HIIT workout, I knew there would be no way I would be able to do it given the fact that I could barely walk upstairs and back without feeling run down. So, instead, I did tomorrow’s workout as it was easier. Usually I would add my own workout to the end of the scheduled challenge workout but not today.

I could have not worked out. I could have used food poisoning as an excuse to be lazy… but what would that have served? Absolutely nothing. Yesterday was necessary. Today was optional. Sure, I’m not 100% but doing a workout at 75% is better than no workout at all. Yes, I listened to my body and toned it down, but nothing makes me feel better than moving.

So what strengths did I use?

  • Strength of fortitude
  • Strength of goals
  • Strength of will
  • Strength of determination

Should I have taken another day off? Maybe… but did I NEED another day off? Not really. I have a goal and how I handle the not so good days will determine how well I succeed in reaching my goals. I listened to my body and reduced the intensity of my workout but I still worked out.

And that is my biggest strength; I never give up.

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