Don’t Take the Bait

So we’re coming to the end of the second week of the 90 day fitness challenge and I realized earlier this how easy it was to fall back into old thought patterns.

I thought I was recovered. I thought I was good to go on this fitness challenge, but Tuesday evening (I think it was) proved otherwise. I was weepy and frustrated.

The thing was, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the fitness challenge FB page. One of the categories is “most motivating” and I know I can be supportive, motivating, I have a lot of knowledge (even if it doesn’t necessarily look like it) and I think I have a chance in this category so I make sure I’m in there regularly and comment every chance I get.

And then it started:

“I’ve lost 5 lbs this week”

“I’ve lost 6″ overall”

Blah, blah, blah.

As much as I know that this early means nothing, part of me was jealous and resentful that I’ve been bouncing back and fourth between the same 3 lbs for the past 10 days. I assumed that since I have so much weight to lose (about 75-50 lbs) it would just melt off. I’ve been getting better and better over the past 6 weeks with my diet and I’ve tightened it up even more since we’ve started – not out of the desire to be over-diligent with my diet, but recognizing that I’ve been sabotaging myself on the weekends with pancakes – either because of carob chips or maple syrup. Not only was I sabotaging the weekend, but I was sabotaging the start of my week as I dealt with sugar cravings for a couple days into the week. I realized that I needed to remove this factor and initially it was hard dealing with the sugar withdrawal, it was mitigated as I’m still having fruit.

Removing all processed sugar was not as hard as I expected. Yes, every now and then I feel like candy, but I think it’s out of boredom more than anything. And the important thing – I haven’t succumbed. My hubby has been home for almost 6 weeks now and I don’t recall having any candy/processed sugar during this time – and I cut out the pancakes maybe 3 weeks ago – though we did have sugar a couple weeks ago because it was hubby’s birthday.

And this is the important part: I AM DOING THE WORK!!! I’m exercising regularly in all aspects of health – various forms of cardio, resistance training, and stretching. I’m engaging in visualization and meditation. My diet is varied and clean and I’ve actually found new foods that I like.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. I KNOW how to lose weight fast – been there, done that, and really not healthy and I am done with that. This is my last time. I am taking my health back for the long term and there are NO shortcuts for that.

If you want to lose weight, perfect! But if you’re looking at a “program” that promises you to lose weight fast, run.


  1. My weight loss journey has been up & down so far too. I keep reminding myself that I’m doing this for better health outcomes rather than the actual weight loss, so any positive changes I’m making to my behaviour are having a positive effect on my health, regardless of whether I can physically see it yet. Not all methods of weight loss are healthy or sustainable. You can be proud of yourself for working towards better health 🙂

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