Passion Reignited

So… I mentioned on my last post that I’ve entered into a fitness challenge. It’s been a week now and, I must say, it’s not what I expected and I had a reaction that I haven’t had in years.


Last Friday, I uploaded my photos, took my measurements, hopped on the scale (ugh!) and submitted my entry. Then I hit up the FB page for everyone in the challenge. I introduced myself and greeted those who did the same. The challenge officially started on the Monday and ever since then, I found myself almost living on the page… yes, some of it was to see and respond if someone commented on one of my photos, but mostly it was to see if someone posted so I could cheer them on, offer advice, or explain the exercises (most don’t understand supersets)

Part of me warns not to be ego driven but, honestly? I forgot how much I love working with women to help them achieve their goals! Now, as this is not my show to be run, I’ll be watching what I say, but just encouraging them, sharing my experiences and offering suggestions, it’s really given me that burning desire to continue on that path.

I’m uncertain about the Personal Training being front and center, but being involved in that group has shown me where most women are struggling – and fixing how and what they think is half the battle. Probably more. The stories that people tell themselves is what holds them back.

Working out again for a goal has also given me the drive to simply better myself. It makes me want to take control of my physical health – which I had already wanted to do but this has given me even more of a drive to take it back. It also makes me want to continue with my Life Coaching Certification and start on my Mindfulness Course.

As I’ve learned over the years working on myself, once you get into your head, it’s hard to escape.

I want to help others escape their thoughts so they can be the best possible version of themselves.

So, if this fitness challenge presented itself as the catalyst to take back my physical health or to come to the realization that my life’s purpose is to help others, it doesn’t matter. This challenge has been the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time!

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