Check Your Response

With the Covid-19 pandemic going on, there is an insane amount of information out there. Throw in the protests from those who don’t believe in the isolation and shutting down the country, things are completely chaotic. There’s articles out there from every side of the argument and people are voicing their opinion on social media.

One of my friends on FB shared (copied and posted) an update that did not go over well at all with her “friends”. Most left negative borderline hateful comments directed at her and countless others sent her private messages echoing the negative, hateful comments.

Honestly? I didn’t agree with her/the post at all. My husband, who is also her friend, asked me if I had chatted with her recently because he was concerned about her mental health regarding the post. She’s a smart woman – and her post didn’t reflect that… in our opinion.

And that’s just it – that’s MY opinion… and that’s her opinion. We both think we’re correct.

Yes, when you put anything on social media, you are opening yourself up to criticism – and, unfortunately, she has a certain “celebrity status” as she regularly appears on TV, so her following is a hell of a lot bigger than mine! With all those people, it’s no wonder there’s conflict on her post as her belief is opposite of “popular opinion”. As she says, she’s open to a healthy debate but the comments and messages were virtually hostile.

Here’s the thing. Just because someone posts something you don’t like or agree with doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk. Calling someone names to demean them does nothing to them but shows the type of person you are. People hide behind the veil of anonymity of their computer screen thinking they can say what they want without consequence. Yeah, okay, most of the time there is no consequence, but you have no idea the damage you might be causing the person you’re attacking.

That person who isn’t following the CDC’s recommendation of social distancing and self isolation has already made up their mind about the situation. And here’s the thing; nothing you say to them will change their mind.

Yes, we should be concerned because their beliefs and actions doesn’t only affect their life but, possibly, those they may come in contact with. They could have the virus and infect people whether or not they have symptoms. No matter what’s happened world wide, nothing will change their mind.

So what is my stance on this whole Covid thing?

  • I will stay home and self isolate and maintain good person hygiene.
  • I will keep up physical fitness on my own outside or at home.
  • I will go out to shop for necessities and will wear a mask – not to protect me from others to but to protect others from me… just in case.
  • If I go into work, I won’t use public transit.

These “suggestions” aren’t necessarily because I want to, but expectations passed on by work. Actually, I would still do them all. Why? Because I don’t want this crap to carry on any longer than it’s required because I miss my gym, my yoga studio, my friends, and I hate wearing a mask.

As I said in a post about global warming which could also pertain to this, she/they may be correct; all these measures may be for nothing. But what if she/they are wrong? By the time it may be decided that isolation is the best course of action, it may be too late. Look what’s happened in the USA. Over 50,000 deaths so far and 25% (and climbing) of global deaths? If things had been handled differently and quicker, how many people could have survived?

The one thing I don’t agree with regarding the restrictions the government has put in place is no camping. No, I don’t camp, but isn’t the whole point of camping to get away from everyone? Even when friends go camping, they’re often at adjacent sites and if they hang out around the campfire, it’s easy enough to maintain social distancing?

Do you agree with me? Or not?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. You will have your own opinion.

What matters is how you handle conflict. Why take offense to another opinion if it doesn’t align with yours? Why take the time to formulate a response then fall back on name calling and snide remarks? Let me ask you this… What do you stand for? If you stand for empowerment, free thinking and free speech that should extend to everyone and not just who agrees with your opinion. If you are all about enlightenment and becoming a better person and you meditate, how would it look if you start being belligerent towards someone because of what they say or believe?

I know. Sometimes it’s hard when you read something online. But do you know what to do if you’re all about becoming a better person? You don’t say anything! Just let it go! Move on and direct your energy into something positive.

And if the person who has a differing opinion than you is a friend, who says friends have to agree on everything?

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