So How’s it Going?

It’s now been 5 weeks of social isolation… how’s everyone doing?

The first 3 weeks I was alone. It sucked. And that doesn’t include having been alone from the beginning of the year – but at least I had work and the gym to occupy my time with. The first week my husband was home, honestly, was hard. I had just started getting into a routine when I got the call to go pick him up. He had been in quarantine for 2 weeks and when he was out from quarantine, they sent him home. And suddenly my routine is thrown out of whack again.

As hard as it was getting used to him being around again, I was also thankful. I hated – HATED – being alone the past 3 months. That first week he was home I ate more vegetables and made more actual meals than the previous 3 months – and for a vegan, that’s impressive. I discovered I despised cooking for myself. When I was working it was easier – meal prep on the Sunday for my lunches, and wing it for dinners – unfortunately that was usually a shake, popcorn, or something processed and fries.

Needless to say, I was happy that I had company who could keep me honest and on track. With hubby at home, my emotional and boredom snacking and binging were over. We had actual meals that I actually cooked and my portion sizes are better. He got me out running every/every other day – even though we don’t run together, we run at the same time.

I miss going out – especially now that weather is getting nicer. I miss going to work. I miss the gym. I miss people watching downtown. I miss shopping. I miss going to the salon to get my hair done – and I am in desperate need of a pedicure!

But I am a lucky one. I am blessed. I can work from home even if it’s at a radically reduced amount but my income remains the same. I can go out for a run or I can go to the basement and lift weights or I can do an online yoga class. I can still communicate with friends and family.

We still don’t know how much longer that this will continue, but use this time as an opportunity to slow down, take deep breaths, and see what is most important. If you feel out of control or lack direction, find it in ways you may not have thought of before. Take an online course through Udemy or Center of Excellence– that have online courses for anything and everything. You’d be surprised by what they can offer! Download a language App and learn a second – or third! – language. We’re doing French.

If you’re feeling anxious, slow down and determine why and then decide what you can do about it. Yes, we’re limited due to the situation, but there is opportunity if you look.

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