Ringing in the New Year

Yeah! We made it through to 2020!!! How did you celebrate? Were you in bed by 10pm? Did you spend it alone? With your spouse? A few close friends? A big party?

Wherever and however you spent it, I hope you had fun – or were at least content – and safe.

We spent it at home, in our PJ’s with our 2 cats, playing Minecraft until 1155 pm, poured some ginger ale, kissed at midnight and was in bed shortly after. Yup. No alcohol. No partying. Perfectly happy.

And, yes, we played a video game for several hours. We’re in our forties and we still play video games. Specifically, Minecraft. And this is why.

When we play Minecraft – or any video game – it is all we do. There’s no “multi tasking”. Both our hands are occupied so we solely focus on that. When we watch TV or movies, we often do other things with it – play on our phones or laptops, paint, clean – and the TV is just background noise.

So, yeah. We play video games because it’s something we enjoy doing together and we’re completely focused on what we’re doing.

It’s easy to get absorbed by what’s happening online, but don’t get so absorbed that you start neglecting your real world. Yes, I see the irony of this as I’m writing this (on my phone) while the TV is on and we’re eating dinner. I’m very good at multitasking.

This is why it’s good to unplug from social media every now and then. To reconnect with those who really matter – top of the list? Yourself.

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