Too much? I say TOO BAD!

So by now, many of you will have “fallen off the wagon” of whatever eating modality you follow. Maybe you’ve indulged a little or a lot. Maybe you’re one of the few who’s kept up going to the gym or maybe you’ll pick it up again in the new year.

Whatever has happened during this holiday season, please remember, this doesn’t mean you’re “good” or “bad”. Food is just food and has no moral values. Those “good” foods and “bad” foods we’ve labeled are because of diet culture. Even “healthy” food and “unhealthy” food is subjective to the person doing the consuming and even then, that is only based on medical reasons. For a diabetic, foods high in sugar would be unhealthy for that person. Celiac, gluten. Heart disease, high saturated fats. “Unhealthy” foods take the consumer further from their health and everyone’s ideal health is based on very personal circumstances that no one has the right to comment on.

But that’s all that food is – sustenance that will take a person closer to or further from their most healthful self. Everyone needs to eat and every day you have a choice to move towards a “healthier” self or an “unhealthier” self.

However, it’s not as simple as that as there’s other factors that come into play; social economics, affordability, mental health, family, upbringing, employment…. all these things play a role in how we treat our body – and, ultimately, our mind.

It has been no secret over the decades, the proven fact of how daily exercise and healthful eating directly impacts our mental health, emotional state, productivity, sleep quality, ect, and yet, due to diet culture and fitspo on social media, we choose to believe the lies that we’re not good enough. We believe that our worth is based on our shape and size. We starve our bodies and our minds, feeding ourselves bull-shit teas, crap diets, and workouts that guarantee a flatter stomach in 10 days.

Well, guess what, people. The new year – and new DECADE – is in 10 days and I guarantee you won’t be walking into it with flat abs unless you already possess them.

And you know what? THAT’S OKAY!

I’m hoping that in 2020, people will learn compassion and empathy towards themselves. We’re so easy and eager to forgive and love others unconditionally, but we rarely afford ourselves the same courtesy. If we start focusing on ourselves and improving our own outlook, mental and physical health, that will bleed into other areas of our lives. When we start to heal ourselves, it allows others to heal themselves – and only then can we heal the environment around us.

Stop believing the shit other people are telling you. Stop letting someone’s shitty attitude dictate how you look, feel, love, hurt, grow… do what makes you feel good. Dress how you love to look. Look at ways to grow. Figure out what you want and don’t let others tell you that you can’t.

I don’t know about anyone else, but 2020 is my year and this new decade is mine! I refuse to make excuses and ask permission to do things that I love! I’m going to work on finding, rediscovering, and molding myself into the powerful, strong woman I know I am capable of but have been too afraid of embracing.

I’ve always been made to feel that I was “too much” – but I say TOO BAD!

You need to make that decision for yourself. You need to tell yourself that you love, accept and embrace all the bad-assery that you are and capable of and work on developing – because, let’s face it – after decades of society telling us how we’re supposed to look, act, behave, ect – it IS going to take work! It’s going to take effort to heal the warrior woman within you and shed the layers of other people’s opinions.

But you know what? It’s okay if it takes time. Your timeline is going to be different than mine or your friend’s or any of the “influencers” you follow on social media. I know it’s easy to compare and get frustrated – oh, my, gawd, do I know this! Just remember, you don’t know the road they’ve walked. And they haven’t walked yours. Everyone’s path is different and has different timelines. Maybe there was a lesson that you had to learn and it took longer to get there. That’s okay! Yes, it’s frustrating, thinking about the time wasted, but if you’re not ready, you’re not ready.

When you’re ready, things will happen. You might be fearful, but that’s a good sign! If you’re afraid, you’re on the right track!

So keep going! Pause when you need to, but keep going – don’t stop!

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

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