Find What Moves You

I am a competitive person. Always have been. And at 43 years old, I doubt that will change. Now, yes, I can choose not to compete… but competition can be beneficial.

It has to do with having a goal and end date; choosing an event and working towards it. The problem is, I haven’t had or set a goal in over 3 years. This year, at the beginning of the year, I decided to set some goals.

The last time I had a fitness goal, 3 years ago in April 2016, was my over enthusiastic commitment to run the TC10k when a family member asked “Who’s in?”. Honestly? It was a life changer. The energy and the masses of people was amazing – and, truly, life changing! I could see how people could get addicted to running – not only the challenge and the endorphins of actually running, but addicted to that energy of race day.

I have been a self-professed cardio-hater and that I hated running. But you know what? I actually enjoyed the training and, despite getting a concussion a couple months before the race ending any training for 6 weeks and only giving me 3 weeks to prepare for it after getting the green light from the doctors – I achieved my goal; running all 10k without walking.

And yet, after the race, I barely ran and pretty much hadn’t run since.

So at the beginning of the year, I decided to set some running goals; I signed up for the Foam Fest 5k in July, The Mud Girl run in August, in preparation of a 10k Army Run in October. Unfortunately, the Foam Fest run didn’t happen as I had pneumonia – which ended up not being pneumonia, but I couldn’t help the misdiagnosis. Pneumonia or not, I was in no condition to run.

When it came to the Mud Run this past weekend, I had considered not actually going. I wasn’t feeling 100% healthy from the sinus infection earlier this month and I had only done one 5k run since, probably, June and I felt grossly under prepared. However, it was supposed to be easy and it did sound like a lot of fun! So I went.

And you know what? I loved it!

My husband came with me and he took pics along the course for me. I ended up getting adopted into a group of two gals right from the start and we did the whole course together. The energy throughout was great – at the start there was music and dancing and along the course, everyone was smiling. Everyone was filthy, gals were helping others out. People of all ages and body shapes and abilities were there and we were all immediately belonged to this tribe of women!

It really was amazing! I loved it – even though we hardly ran, it didn’t matter. It wasn’t timed. Everyone was a winner.

And it made me realize; I really enjoy running.

I don’t know if we’ll get to the Army Run as it’s, maybe, 5 weeks away and I’ve hardly done any training – certainly not enough to make me think I could get anywhere close to running, but we’ll see.

It’s important to have goals – no matter what they are. It’s important to identify your strengths and work with them. I struggle with running, but I’m a goal oriented, competitive person – I can use my strengths to improve my weakness.

The other benefit of running is the improvement of heart function – and since I’m struggling with having a higher blood pressure, improving this is important to me.

Figure out what’s important to you and figure out how to get there – and you will achieve your goals!

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