Own Your Day, Own Your Life

Own the Day, Own Your Life

By Aubrey Marcus

I was reminded, once again, how confusing the wonderful world of “diet and exercise” can be. Despite my eating disorders and everything, I’ve been submersed in that world for most of my adult life – even if it never looked like it. Now that I’ve been away from that world since 2012, I find it extremely confusing. There seems to be all sorts of new trends that have popped up over the years away and even though I have hopped on some of those band wagons, I’ve largely kept to my old habits up until about 2 years ago.

Now, the one thing I have been hearing several times over the past little while, is vegan being included with other diets like keto, paleo, Atkins, etc. which I don’t agree with. “Going vegan” isn’t because the person is trying to cut out protein (which another book I read said) we’re cutting out the consumption of animal and animal by-products. Yes, it’s kind of the same, but it’s not. People seem to forget that animal products are not the only things out there that provide protein. Vegans don’t say “Protein is bad! Stop eating protein!”. That’s ludicrous! Vegans still get protein by plant sources. Protein is just as vital to the body as the other macro nutrients! Sure, some people say that animal protein is a superior source for protein, but vegans get along just fine!

And, yes, this would be my opinion whether or not I was or was not vegan. I became vegan because the thought of eating the flesh of a previously living, breathing creature absolutely disgusted me. I can’t stand the smell of it and handling it makes me want to gag – and unfortunately, my husband is NOT vegan, so I still have to deal with meat.

Now, I’m only on chapter 3… maybe it’s chapter 4… of “Own the Day, Own Your Life” and it’s been really good. There’s been a couple hilarious parts that has me laughing out loud as I’m either walking home or on the bus.

The one thing he talks about in one of the earlier chapters is getting into a good morning ritual – not a foreign concept as several of my other books have also touched on this! It’s something I even identified in my blog post “Setting up the Day for Success” about 4 months ago but it’s also something I’ve been struggling with. Not like I’m sluggish getting up and moving; I don’t even need an alarm to wake up to. What my current (previous) morning routine looked like: Get up between 0445-0500, go to the bathroom, get dressed, go downstairs, make my lunch, eat breakfast, brush teeth, be out the door about 0620 to go to the bus stop. Now, you may be thinking “Wow, Kaylee – it takes you, like, 1 ½ hours to get ready for the morning?”. No, actually it doesn’t. What I didn’t mention was the amount of time I spend on my phone – looking at social media, checking my email, and playing games on my phone.

That’s a lot of wasted time!

So, with the information from this book, plus information from Ayurveda, Reiki, and Yoga, I’m changing my morning routine to include habits that I’ve fallen out of as well as adopting some new ones. The one that I’d been wanting to do, which this book described brilliantly, was power – or pranayama – breathing. This is not a new concept for me as it’s touched on in some of my other learning and we’ve done pranayama breathing in yoga every now and then.

So yesterday, I spent a couple hours cleaning up my room – 3 bedrooms with no kids = master bedroom for sleeping, and both hubby and I each get a bedroom for our clothes and personal things. Unfortunately, lately, my room has been a place for me to collect things instead of putting them back where they belong and it causes me anxiety every time I go in the room – as I talked about in a previous post: “Put Some Effort Into It”. I had been thinking and talking about cleaning up that space so I can attempt to start meditation in the mornings again and doing some yoga. After reading the first couple chapters, I knew, in order for me to “own my day” I needed to get my shit together and clean up that space and put it back into the sanctuary it needed to be!

I am now on Chapter three and he talks about something that made me SO happy!

Sugar addiction!

As I mentioned in my post “One Day, Things Will Click”… wow… how many times have I written about things this author is confirming? Maybe I know more than I give myself credit for! Anyways, in that post I talk about my sugar addiction over the years and how frustrating I find it when people say there’s no such thing as sugar addiction. I’m sorry, but fuck you, there is such a thing! Just because some people can eat sugar in moderation or not at all, doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as sugar addiction. I watch porn (hey, I admit it!) with no ill effects – and I don’t need it and can go months without watching or looking at anything – but I know some people are addicted to it! Just because it’s not a part of your world doesn’t mean it’s not a real thing!

Okay, maybe a little “TMI” but it gets my point across!

The important thing to take out of this is to do what makes sense for you. It’s all good to read more, learn more, see different people’s views and opinions – but, ultimately, do what makes sense for you.

Everything in this book makes sense to me, as indicated by the links to previous blog posts! Even in the current chapter, he’s talking about mindfulness and how you spend your time on your commute… just like in my blog post “Do You Have Enough Time?”

So far, this book has been amazing – just as the Rachel Hollis books, Brene Brown, Paulo Coelho, Charles Duhigg… Every book has been different, but every book has given me more information and insights than I had before. Every book gives me something.

The biggest thing is to read – many books by many authors – and take what you need and want from them. They’re not gospel, so you don’t have to take everything as such… but you can take things here and there and come to your own conclusion of how to live your life.

You need to live YOUR truths.

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