Stop Watering Dead Plants

What would you do if you had a plant that died? Probably throw it out or pull it up, right?

So, if we take that analogy and apply that with our life, why do we insist on trying to nurture aspects of our life that are long dead? Why do we try to reinvigorate areas that we should just pull up and discard in order to make space for something else to grow?

I think part of the problem is often, leaves start dying off so gradually we don’t notice. We might see the withering of one leaf here or one leaf there and we put more effort into keeping the rest alive. Sometimes it works; sometimes we can nurture it back to full blooming glory… but more often then not, we will continue losing leaves until it’s one pathetic stem sticking out of the earth. Yes, sometimes it’s laying dormant, but when do you say: “enough is enough”?

Stop watering dead plants!

Stop trying to force your life to go in a direction that it’s not meant to go – or to stay on a course you’re not meant to be on.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying to give up every time things get tough. Hell, if that’s what I was saying, my husband and I would have gotten divorced 20 years ago when we were having problems after 3 years of marriage – but we wanted – BOTH wanted to make it work. That’s the only way we got back on track and have been married as long as we have. Things certainly haven’t been easy – not all the time, anyhow! But we’re in this for the long run and these things take work.

However, if only one of us was into making it work, how long would the other wait until giving up? How many years should you put up with a one-sided relationship? A relationship means BOTH parties need to be present and a strong relationship needs constant work.

But “watering dead plants” doesn’t refer to just relationships – it can refer to beliefs as well. Limiting beliefs. And other aspects of your life.

How about dieting? Are you a constant dieter going from one diet to another to another. How long will it take until you realize that diets don’t work. That diet you’re struggling with isn’t working because diets don’t work, not because you’re weak or undisciplined. How long are you going to pick dead leaves off that belief before you decide to stop buying into a system that is meant for you to fail? How many different diets will you have to try before coming to the conclusion that having a restrictive relationship with food isn’t a way to live. You need to work with your body and how you feed yourself; listen intuitively to how you need to nourish not only your body and mind, but your soul as well… so have that piece of chocolate cake at the birthday party!

How about aging and trying to fix our flaws? How much money are you putting into coloring your hair? Anti-aging face cream? Anti-cellulite cream? Diet pills? Botox and cosmetic surgery? Why are you listening to a society that preys on our insecurities in order to make money? Pull that dead plant – WEED – and plant the seeds that will actually benefit you in the future? That you are enough as you are. That there is nothing wrong with your grey hair and cellulite and soft tummy. There is nothing wrong with getting older – it’s something we ALL go through.

What plants are you watering that you should pull up and discard?

What relationships have you been fighting for by yourself?

What limiting beliefs are controlling your life?

What natural rhythms are you fighting tooth and nail against?

What insecurities are you allowing to run your life?

Stop watering dead plants!

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