New Year Resolution

I guess most people can potentially celebrate two New Years and make two sets of resolutions. Most people will celebrate both, but not necessarily make two sets of resolutions because it doesn’t occur to them.

I’m talking about birthdays.

The difference, obviously, is the calendar New Year, and your chronological New Year. Though I don’t like making New Year resolutions (NYR), it never occurred to me to make one around my birthday. To me, NYR’s are a set up for failure. Most people fail after a couple of weeks because it usually requires massive change. People make these changes quickly and drastically and most people can only keep massive lifestyle changes up for a couple weeks before they slide into old habits.

I usually don’t make NYR’s – though in the past, I have. This year, at the beginning of the chronological year, I did make a new resolution; to develop a new hygiene routine. *scratch that* I wanted to develop A hygiene routine. I’ve never had a good hygiene routine – I’ve never been consistent with flossing my teeth and taking care of my skin – I rarely even washed my face even after wearing makeup and now that I’m getting older, I recognize I need to take care of my skin – primarily facial care.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve flossed every day except one or two days (definitely one, but possibly a second) since 01 Jan and I was actually pissed off when I realized a couple days later that I had forgotten the first time. We had gotten home late from a hockey game and went straight to bed. As for skin care, I’m getting better but can still improve.

So, I figured, for my birthday, I’d set another resolution:

To take back my health.

As I’ve indicated in various blog posts, I haven’t taken great care of myself over the past few decades. If I wasn’t abusing my body with yo-yo dieting, eating disorders, binging, obsessive compulsive behaviors, drugs and alcohol, I was abusing myself mentally and emotionally with negative self talk. I constantly told myself I wasn’t enough and I’ve clung onto that belief for over 40 years.

So, today (14 June) on my 43rd birthday, my promise to myself is this:

I promise to take care of myself, mentally, physically and emotionally. I promise to continue down this road of self-love, develop myself as a body positive warrior, and cultivate meaningful and inspiring content on social media encouraging others to take a holistic approach to their health by addressing not only the body’s physical requirement to move, but the mind’s need to grow, and develop emotional fortitude.

It’s taken me 43 years to get to this point in my life that I’m finally starting to find myself and find my passion.

And this is the best gift I can give myself.

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