What’s Your Alternative? Hide?

Today (that I’m writing this) was the first day it really felt like summer. Although it’s June, the other day, it was the coldest it’s been in 55 years.

Have I mentioned that the first year we move, both the old and new locations experience really wacky weather? Here in Ottawa we had an overly humid summer (last year), had a really bad storm with 6 tornado touch downs and hundreds of thousands of people without power for days, we had an exceptionally bad winter, flooding this spring, and the other week we had another tornado touch down!

Anyhow, the next few days is promising to be quite warm and, maybe, the actual start to summer. And therein lies the issue; warmer temperatures means wanting to shed the layers of clothing….

In the past, I would typically wear capris, skirts or dresses and usually everything would go to my knees or longer. The only time I would wear anything shorter was when I was “skinnier” and more fit.

But you know what? I still hated how I looked in them!

I’ve always had thick thighs and an ass – I had always favored skirts and dresses as it was easier to get them to fit as my waist in comparison to my hips had a bit of a difference – I could get pants and shorts that fit the waist… if I could get them over my hips, or I could get them to fit my hips but they’d gap at the waist. Yes, I could get them altered, but I shouldn’t have to! I should just be able to go into a store, try on some pants, and have them fit! Even mostly fit I could handle! Now it seems there’s much better variety of sizing and shape of shorts and pants and because I know my body so well (you would too if you picked it apart as long as I have!) so I know what styles suit my body shape.

This summer I’m determined to wear shorts. And not walking shorts or bermuda shorts – actual shorts that are short, but not uber short as, well, I’m not 14 and a woman of my age needs to respect that… maturity… or whatever you want to call it. The fact is, I’m 43 TODAY and I do need to somewhat act my age even though I’m young at heart. Either way, I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing anything too short!

So I had some time the other day and I decided to go looking for shorts. I had picked up a couple new tops for summer and both of them would look great with either a dark denim or a navy cotton. I did some looking online at a couple stores that are in the shopping complex on my way home and I decided to pay them a visit. Not really knowing my size, I grabbed two pairs of shorts – both a similar length but different styles. The first pair was denim, and what do you know – ass gap… could try a smaller size (or two) but the thighs fit fine. However, the second pair fit GREAT! And bonus – they were 50% off!!! I also picked up a nice pair of sandals in navy to match – which were also on sale so happy birthday to me!… so I’m all set for summer!!!

The biggest thing for me is the fact that I’ve always hated my body even when I was much smaller. I’ve always had cellulite even when I was 125 lbs. I will always, ALWAYS have cellulite – and that’s okay! Cellulite and stretch marks are perfectly natural!

Thankfully, I’m not in that negative mindset. I’ve embraced my body and love it as it is… though, admittedly, some days I love my body less than others. That’s okay, though. We all have good days and bad! Yes, I’m active and it might result in weight loss… but what if it doesn’t? What if my body doesn’t change at all and I stay this weight and shape?

So I have a choice; I can cover up this summer… and every summer here on out because “bigger gals shouldn’t wear shorts”… or I could embrace my body how it is and say “fuck it!” and wear cute clothes that I love.

I choose cute clothes.

Cause if I’m going to have cellulite at 210 lbs or 150 lbs or 125 lbs, I’m going to live in the moment!

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