You Don’t Need to Tell Her

“U give no fucks but in up to then years u r most likely to be dead or at the very least about to die so yeah, keep giving zero fucks”

“this isn’t healthy, you need help”

“Omg what is your weight? 400lbs?”


I follow a woman on Instagram – Tess Holliday if you’re interested – and I love her. She has a refreshing attitude about her obesity and confidence I wish I had! She’s a big girl and every time she posts a picture, she gets comments like the four above – I know because I look at her comments out of curiosity of the BS she has to deal with.

You know what? SHE DOESN’T NEED YOU TO TELL HER! She knows she’s fat! She deals with the stares and comments on a daily basis. She’s not stupid and she knows the health implications of being that overweight and she DOES work out. “Skinny” doesn’t mean healthy and “fat” doesn’t mean unhealthy.

The photo I took those four comments from, at the moment, has over 72 THOUSAND loves, and over 1300 comments (most asking where her dress was from). She also has 1.9 million followers!!!

Now, for all those people who think those followers and loves are people glorifying obesity, you are SO far from the truth and it’s that ignorant comment that perpetuates diet mentality.

We are NOT glorifying obesity.

What we ARE doing is celebrating a woman who loves her body. That no matter what society says is acceptable, she can care less and she’s just doing her thing – and succeeding at it!!!

She is an influencer – and just because she has a massive social media following doesn’t mean there’s going to be an outbreak of obesity. However, MAYBE there will be an outbreak of women who become accepting of their body and start loving themselves because of her example!

You don’t have to be “small” and “thin” to be deserving of love. You can love yourself at any shape and size. You can love your cellulite and double-butt and stretch marks and thick ankles!

….oh, wait – I’m talking about myself there!

The important thing is to accept your body in the space it takes up NOW. And where you are now won’t be where you will be in 6 months or a year. You will constantly be changing and growing as a person. The more you accept yourself, the more you can achieve!

And if you want to change, then do it! Not out of obligation of feeling like you have to be small, but because you want to be a better version of yourself! You have EVERY RIGHT to love yourself right here, right now. No matter your weight or clothing size or health issues.

Whether you feel like Tess should lose some weight, there is no denying that her spirit and attitude is something we can learn from.

And, you know what? The only thing toxic about her situation is the shitty comments she gets from toxic people.

…because she doesn’t need you to tell her she’s fat.

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