Season’s Change… Why Not You?

Have you ever noticed that in the summer, you crave lighter fare like salads and fresh fruit, whereas in the winter and colder months you crave heavier, warmer food? This has to do with the natural rhythm of our bodies reflecting the natural rhythm of the seasons.

Why is it, then, that we try to continue eating a certain way year round? Why do we try to maintain certain activities year round?

If you are trying to live a life by intuition, then listen to what your body needs. Are you craving a salad? Then, by gawd, eat a salad! Do you want to do an activity outside instead of hitting the weights at the gym? Then go for that jog or bike ride or hike! Listen to what your body needs and wants.

We are not meant to be stationary; we are meant to move and change. Our bodies are in a constant state of change and renewal. To live your best life, don’t fight the change, but work with the seasons. Understand that you need to adapt to your surroundings and requirements.

In the winter months, we may be inside more due to unpleasant weather. Many people suffer from SAD and may require taking a supplement – something typically not required in the summer, warmer months.

In the cold, dry winters, your body will typically crave foods such as stews and curries.

In the hot, moist summers, your body may crave cool, crisp foods like salad and fresh fruit.

In the winter you may want to engage in warmer activities like hot yoga or trying a class you’ve always wanted to try… unless you can tolerate colder, wetter temperatures, then fill your boots! (totally not me!)

In the summer, you may want to get outside and take advantage of the sun and warmth and more sunlight. Bike rides, hiking, going from the treadmill to the trails. We’re blessed with over 500km of multi-use trails in the Ottawa/Gatineau area – take advantage of it!!!

When you start living by intuition – and not conforming to diet mentality – it can be scary! When I started down this path, I had a hard time with it… but everything in my body wanted me to give up eating animal products and bi-products. I put on weight and it was hard not saying that it can’t work because I didn’t know how to make it work. This isn’t my first time being vegan. I tried it about 6/7 years ago – but I changed back to eating meat because “I wasn’t getting the results I wanted at the gym“… so I switched back to chicken, rice and veggies. I mean, really? What a sad reason to change! Maybe I wasn’t getting the results because I wasn’t working hard enough! Just because I didn’t know how to eat vegan for muscle growth and/or fat loss, doesn’t mean it can’t work – and I know several vegan bodybuilders/figure competitors who are very successful!

So when I started living by intuition, I couldn’t ignore my body’s desire to remove meat and by-products from my diet. I would be doing my body a disservice by ignoring it. I also discovered that the dietary fluctuations with the seasons is true even with being a vegan – especially this last winter being our first in Ottawa! I could have eaten curry every day over the past three months!

This was further confirmed as I start diving into Ayurveda. It talks about the changing seasons and adjusting your body accordingly. So my observations were confirmed as this is not an unusual phenomena – Ayurveda has been around for over 5000 years but for some reason, we are resistant to making the changes!

Gee… I wonder if it has something to do with media and diet culture: Lose weight on this diet. Lose weight on that diet. Keto, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, juice cleanses, meal replacement powders…. it goes on and on! And then there’s exercise… don’t even get me started!

Do what you love to do because then you will do it! Listen to your body and it will tell you how it wants to move. Finding something that you love to do is essential to your well-being! It helps you physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically. It doesn’t matter how you move, just that you do!

Taking care of your well-being is multifaceted; you need to take care of your body, mind, and soul. You need to provide your Self with the nutrients essential for your unique physiological needs – and you need to be in-tune with your Self enough to recognize when that needs to change.

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