Find Something That Brings Your Soul Joy

One thing I’d been noticing is how this winter is so very long. It’s hard coming from the “Hawaii of Canada” (Vancouver Island) and now living in a place that has had snow and ice since mid November and we regularly dealt with temperatures in the -20’s… even as low as in the -30’s!!! For someone who hates being even the littlest bit on the chill side, this has been absolute torture!!! The last time we went outside and did anything active, it was in a balmy -10 when we went skating on the Rideau Canal for all of 20 minutes, lol! It’s now mid April and the snow is almost gone and temps are finally in double digits… on the positive side!

I now understand why it’s important to find things you love to do… for all occasions, because when you’re stuck in the house for close to 6 months, you need to make sure you’ll be kept entertained otherwise you’ll go insane! It’s definitely a mindset thing here. For those who have lived here for a while (if not their whole life) the cold doesn’t stop them. It can’t. Otherwise it’s a very, very… very long winter! And I think I’ll make sure we get out and do more this summer! Take advantage of the nice weather while it’s here!

The key is to find things that bring your soul joy.

I’m not talking about things to pass the time. That’s easy! Binge watch TV, Netflix, movies, spend hours scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, playing Candy Crush, Sudoku… but seriously? Where does that get you? Nowhere. However, if that’s where you want to go… nowhere… fill your boots! There’s lots of things to do that’ll get you there.

However, if you’re like me, that’s unacceptable. Sure, it’s nice to do every now and then, but certainly, not every single day (though, I can admit, I’ve fallen into that trap of procrastination where I simply don’t feel like doing anything and the next thing I know, a whole weekend’s gone by and I have nothing to show for it!) So what can you do to not fall into that trap?

Find what brings your soul joy! For me, here’s some of what I love to do. That brings me joy:

  • Art: I love to create. I love to draw, paint in both watercolor and acrylic, and getting into mixed media. I love painting ceramics and I have an interest in pottery, sculpting, wood carving, and glassblowing – though the latter four I haven’t had an opportunity to try, but I’m game for any art medium!
  • Dance: I love dance! I’ve taken highland dance when I was younger, bellydance when I was older, my husband and I took swing and samba/cha cha dance lessons and we’ve been threatening to take it up again now that we’re living in a place that offers it.
  • Cooking: I love cooking! I love trying new recipes and I love blogging about them. Whether it’s modifying a recipe to something healthier, or making a special treat for my husband, cooking brings me joy!
  • Photography: I love taking pictures of all sorts of things. In Comox it was mostly animals and birds, but now that we’re in Ottawa with so much history and beautiful architecture, I’ve been doing more still life photography. Especially doors. Don’t know what it is about doors, but I love it!
  • Physical activities: I love being active – and it doesn’t really matter what it is. If it gets me moving and it’s outside, I’m game! Whether it’s going to a small community and walking around the eclectic shops, or hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming… whatever! And when the weather is too crappy to be outside (I’ve never really been into skiing or snow boarding) I love to hit the gym and hitting the weights or jogging on the treadmill.
  • Yoga: I love the calm and peace yoga brings me – and the strength and flexibility. I would probably put meditation in here with yoga.
  • Learning: Yes, I love learning! Too bad I didn’t have this appreciation and learning when I was in high school! Though it’s probably because I’m learning about subjects I want to learn about that I have a genuine interest about: vegan nutrition, reiki, life coaching, art therapy, Ayurveda… all subjects that bring mindfulness to my life. I also include reading in this. Currently, I’m reading “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis.

Did you notice how all of these started?

“I love….”

My dad always gave me a hard time about the number of interests I had growing up… but now, that broad spectrum of interests will help keep me sane in the long winters we have here!

What brings your soul joy?

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