Running Shoe Woes

Nothing is more irritating than having sore feet which I have been plagued with for years – probably closer to decades. I remember a friend giving me a piggy back home as my feet hurt too bad to walk. I ended up having surgery on both of my feet because I had fallen metatarsal arches – the bones in the ball of the feet. I had a really bad pronation when I highland danced as an early teen and my bones compensated as I grew. Once I was out of highland dance and after years of unlearning my bad habits, I fully regretted not listening to my dance teacher’s hounding of rolling in on my feet.Unfortunately, the second surgery didn’t go as well as expected; different surgeon and different procedure which has left me with excessive scar tissue and pain almost being a daily occurrence. The worst days it feels like my toenails being pulled out by pliers. When I was going through the military application process, I mentioned it… the massive scars on the tops of my feet was a blatant indication that something was amiss. I explained what happened and the problems I faced – I fully disclosed everything – and when she asked how I dealt, I told the truth: I took a fair amount of pain meds, often cried, and pushed through. And that’s exactly what happened once I got into the military going through basic; I over did the drugs (pain meds) cried, and pushed through… and I did it.Needless to say, having comfie shoes is VERY important to me!I remember going to a store in Courtenay trying to find shoes and the lady was rude to the point of belligerent. I didn’t buy anything there. We went to the Running Room 1 1/2 hours away and had a MUCH better experience! That’s where I discovered minimalist shoes. I loved them.(notice past tense?)The shoes I bought a couple weeks ago have been torture. They were excruciating and thinking about putting them on made me want to cry. I couldn’t understand when the past 4-5 shoes I had gotten were Nike and they were a dream… or as much as a dream of 2 surgeries, one of which a little botched… but this time? I don’t know what changed, but I knew they had to go back. We returned them on the weekend and I knew I’d be going back to the Running Room that’s just a couple blocks from work.Today I went in and had a great time trying on shoes. The first pair were alright but felt a little too big in the ball of the foot – if they’re too narrow, they squish the bones in the ball of the foot and it pinches nerves. NOT pleasant!!! The second pair were Saucony and felt wonderful! I’d had a pair of Saucony years ago and quite liked them. These felt wonderful. The last pair were from New Balance and it really was a toss up. I ended up going with New Balance and they’re putting the Saucony on hold for a couple days. We’ll be going to the gym tonight and I should know almost immediately whether they’ll be okay. The Nike made me want to cry after 5 minutes. Some discomfort is expected, but I don’t want the “toenails being pulled out by pliers” feeling anymore!But what a great store! This is the 3rd time I’ve been in and it’s been a great experience every time! The one gentleman who came in and was helping me shortly after getting there was wonderful! He was such a wealth of knowledge, made sure I was aware of their running clinics, and suggested a good time frame for my first half marathon – Sept 2020 which I think is a better, more realistic goal considering I’m really not a runner! It’ll take time and I don’t want to rush things!So tonight, I’ll try my new shoes!

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