The Confusing World of Health and Fitness

As I embark on the health and wellness journey again, I am reminded how confusing it can be. I’ve been trying to eat intuitively for the last 1 ½ years, but I’m ready to add a bit more structure to my eating habits in order to help me lose some weight.

Now let me say this – I’m not wanting to lose weight because I feel that I HAVE to lose weight! I want to lose weight because I WANT to lose weight. I have things I want to do that require a certain amount of fitness and where I’m at won’t allow me to do them comfortably. Also, I’ve been noticing things physically that haven’t been present when I weighed less – like feet, knees, and hip issues. Sure, some of it may have to do with getting older (yeah, me) but I’m certain some, if not all of it, can be alleviated if there wasn’t the pressure on my joints.

The biggest difference about this time around is my mental health. Yes, I still struggle, but I have more good than bad days and I’m ready to tackle this hurdle with a more positive mindset. Just because I want to lose weight doesn’t mean I hate my body. Quite the opposite, actually. I want to lose the weight because I LOVE my body. The only thing I hate is what I’ve put my body through the last several decades! But the last 1 ½ years I’ve addressed these issues and come to accept myself – weight gain, stretch marks, cellulite, and all!

So this morning my husband showed me this pyramid and I thought it was pretty good – and, admittedly, I loved how it put “cardio” as the smallest requirement:

And the whole “calorie deficit” got me thinking… what’s my BMR? Now BMR is all about the minimum calories you require to maintain your current body while you’re at rest; this is to keep all your organs functioning. Mine, according to my height, weight, and age, is 1681. Initially I was like “OMG – I’m currently eating several hundred calories over that – I’ll never lose weight this way!” but then I remembered I didn’t take into account the fact that I’m not vegetable; I go between sedentary and moderately active which is between 2000-2600 calories a day. My current eating plan is about 1900… which is good! I’m at an acceptable deficit that I can live with!

The important thing is to be okay with being hungry. I’m usually a little hungry without being ravenous and I don’t feel deprived – which is very important! I still allow myself a planned treat each weekend which helps with my cravings… providing I’m in the proper frame of mind.

The past week sucked. It was terrible – and thankfully, those days are few and far between and by Thursday, I finally felt like I was coming out of the slump. We had been planning on going to the gym this weekend… but it never happened. We had intended but I forgot my swipe pass and when we went home… we never made it back to the gym, lol! We had actually gone out to go to the gym later in the afternoon, but we realized how warm it was and took advantage of it and chiselled out our parking spot and walk way. Though we weren’t at it for too long, we both got our heart rate up and had an impromptu arm workout. On the Sunday, we were both lazy but in the evening, we put on the Wonder Woman and then Justice League movies for a little visual motivation.

If you’ve never seen the Wonder Woman movie, I HIGHLY suggest it! ESPECIALLY if you buy it and can watch the “behind the scenes”. There’s a section of it that is all about the Amazons – what they did before the movie and the training they went through to become an Amazon. Many of them were Cross-fitters and others were MMA and boxing. It is amazing! Because of that, I was able to find a couple of the people on IG and I now follow them! I don’t care what stage you are in the body positivity lifestyle, fitness journey, or whatever – if the “Making of an Amazon” doesn’t motivate you to go to the gym, I don’t know what will!!!

So, yeah –today– Monday – I’m all set to go to the gym after work! I look forward to it!

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