The Importance of Portion Control

So… day 1 of taking the bull by the horns and I have a perfect example of why portion control is SO important!

I was hungry… I wasn’t as prepared yesterday as I should have been for today and realized that I didn’t have anything for breakfast so I made it up close to what I should be having. For the most part it was fine, but because I didn’t get all the nutrients I needed, such as protein, I was hungry by mid-morning. Initially I did pretty good; I refrained from going to the coffee shop and getting my usual coffee and scone. I decided to go to the Rexall in the mall and grab a snack pack of nuts and dried fruit. Unfortunately, they didn’t have what I wanted in the small bag, but they did have it in a larger bag.

I’ll save the rest for later

Like that ever happens!

The next thing I knew, I had eaten the whole bag! At least it didn’t create the immediate crash and burn that happens when I eat candy! And there was no acid reflux like yesterday’s junk food binge.

This is a PERFECT example of why it’s NEVER a good idea to eat from the bag/box. More often than not, whatever you’re eating has several portions contained within. Unless you have willpower of steel (like my husband!) Most normal people will eat more than a portion… if not the whole bag! Unconscious eating is probably the number one reason for expanding waist line!

So what did eating that bag of goodies cost me?

That bag of yumminess was actually 4.5 servings – yup – ate the whole thing! Once I calculated it out:

  • 1125 Calories
  • 67.5g Fat
  • 121.5 Carbs
  • 13.5g fiber
  • 90g Sugar
  • 18g Protein

That’s a whole lot of nutritional impact! Though… at least it had nutritional content other than sugar! Still not a good thing, but it might be a step in the right direction. Might be! The one thing I notice is when I eat sugar/candy, I want more sugar/candy. It can even be immediately after eating a disgusting amount of sugar/candy while I’m feeling like shit, I’ll still be looking forward to my next “hit”.

And this is why sugar, if discovered today, would be a controlled substance as it shows similar, if not worse, addictive and withdrawal symptoms when compared to cocaine addicted lab rats. Now, I’d like to think I’m more complex and smarter than a lab rat, but as of this very day, I am 179 days with no alcohol, and 181 days with unrequited drugs. Not a problem. Candy/sugar? Completely different story! I don’t think I made it a full month before I binged.

So… one day at a time. Tomorrow’s a new day…

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